Adam Oland – Foresight

Listen here: Adam Oland – Foresight

‘Foresight’ is another fine example of why Adam is picking up serious hype from some of the top spinners on the planet. It’s a grand production that’s brimming with original synth work – a signature sound that’s really becoming his own. Subtly uplifting, progressive throughout and loaded with intricate detail – ‘Foresight’ is a total package Progressive House track done properly. With the drums giving plenty of space for melodic sections, Adam fills the background with lush string sections and a stack of fresh synths that ooze originality and move in and out of the center with timely modulations and swells. The breakdowns take the chains off the synths and open out filters and low end to replace the kick’s energy and it’s there that ‘Foresight’ really lets loose its full melodic punch. Clearly a producer with a love for structure and progression, the single continues to grow over time and by the latter minutes of the track ‘Foresight’ is a seriously infectious and lively production.

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Sensual hair-washing to Wankelmut's deep house beats


If you were hoping to start your weekend with an innuendo-filled romp through a beauty salon, then we have just the video for you. This stimulating video from German house producer Wankelmut accompanies his remix of ‘Don’t Look Any Further’ — a cover of the old Temptations hit from 1984 — and does little to distract you from his chuckle-inducing name.

Injecting this Writer’s Block-produced track with a melodic house rhythm and a bouncy bassline, Wankelmut has managed to craft a killer deep house groove. Choosing to leave the soothing vocals from the original track untouched, the remix also remains a perfect compliment to the original tune.

This light-hearted video features a collection of gasping faces, soapy scrubbing and even a wiener dog, as Wankelmut sets the tone with his upbeat rhythms. We will leave any further interpretations to you.

The Writer’s Block, an up-and-coming electronic trio from South London, are set to release ‘Don’t Look Any Further’ on 7th December with future remixes due from Frederico Scavo and Endor.

Be sure to check out our exclusive premiere of the video below and enjoy this pleasurable mix of hair-washing and house.

Words: Josh Molskness