LiTek – Dreams (Original Mix)

LiTek-Dreams04 (1)

LA imprint Nite Records announces the full release of LiTek’s newest floor filler, “Dreams.” The Manchester rising star, part of the Echelon collective, crafts an infectiously danceable anthem sure to make major waves with bright, driving chords and a proper, jackin’ drop. Only the label’s third release, this collaboration spans continents to bring an of-the-moment sound from the young UK producer and LA imprint with the wind at their backs.

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Source: LiTek – Dreams (Original Mix)

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Redefining The EDM Mosh Pit


“What once began as a cluster of people vigorously bouncing around and head-banging, has quickly found its way of evolving into a full-scale warzone atmosphere at times, and more and more people seem to be leaving these mosh pits with bruises, sore limbs, and even broken bones as a result.”

You might recognize this sentence from a recent editorial by on moshing, and why it should be banned from EDM. To be honest, I almost agree with them. Moshing leads to broken bones, fights at shows, and a lot of discomfort for those surrounding the pit. Wait a second… that’s not moshing, that’s a brawl.

Moshing, as most EDM fans know it, is pretty much exactly as I’ve described above – a lawless pit of jacked up bros swinging their elbows and ramming into each other with the intention of inflicting the most pain or damage as possible. I’ve been personally knocked out from a mosh pit, and I know friends whose noses have been broken, and whose clothes have been ripped, so I can completely empathize with the idea that moshing is bad, or that it should be removed from events entirely. However, when moshing first entered the music scene in Southern California in the early 1980s, it couldn’t have been more different. And if you’ve never been in a pit at a non-EDM event, I couldn’t blame you for being unaware.

Punk fans know what it means to truly mosh – it means shoving and not hitting; it means when someone falls down, everything stops to pick them back up; it means if someone is tying their shoe at the border, you form a barrier around them to keep them safe. Real pits aren’t about inflicting pain. They are a true exercise in community values and trust. One of my fondest memories in a pit was at a Flogging Molly show, an Irish punk rock band. The pit was filled with large, burly men who could easily pick me up and throw me if they wanted to. Instead, what I saw were great big smiles and consideration for those in the pit (i.e., when girls entered the pit, the guys became significantly less rough). When you think about it, mosh pits, when done correctly, reflect everything that EDM is supposed to be about, namely having fun at a show and making friends in the process. You can look at this handy guide on how to mosh properly.

We’ve already seen with kandi that banning is obviously not the best answer. It only serves to create a schism between those who support moshing and those who don’t, but both of these groups still love EDM. I agree that at many events, people have begun to take it too far. But, let’s look at this objectively — they are not moshing, they are brawling. Saying that moshing should be banned when you don’t really know the real meaning behind it is very much jumping the gun. But, I also feel that mosh pits have an appropriate time and place.

I mostly go to bass shows (drum & bass, dubstep, a little bit of trap) and pits are the norm there. And there are actually tracks that are coming out that apparently condone pits, but they’re all bass music. You’ll never see a house or trance track condoning pits because they are not present at those shows, and they shouldn’t be. They are not the place for such aggressive dancing. However, the energy and aggression so inherently present in bass music calls for a different way of dancing and expression. If you go to a bass show and complain about pits, well, you should know what you were getting yourself into. Likewise, if you go to a Dash Berlin show and try to start a pit, you’re probably a huge asshole.

Getting back to the point at hand, moshing, as EDM fans know it, is an issue that needs to be dealt with. “Warped Tour placed a ban on crowd surfing and mosh pits [and] Dillon Francis also notably cut his sound mid-set due to a growing mosh-turned-fight at his performance in Baltimore this past June.” I’ve seen Andy C do the same thing in Santa Ana. When you think about it though, mosh pits are as much a form of expression and dance as shuffling or jumping. It can be done safely, and that is what needs to emphasized. The punk kids could even give us a lesson or two.

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Rob Gasser – Wildfire (Exclusive Premiere)

Listen here: Rob Gasser – Wildfire (Exclusive Premiere)

10409439 809967759033621 4724700302806095562 n Rob Gasser   Wildfire (Exclusive Premiere)

17-year-old Swiss producer, Rob Gasser, has just dropped his latest original, ‘Wildfire’. Released under Cloudhead records, ‘Wildfire’ is a fusion of glitchy electro sounds meshed together with some heavy bass. The track immediately introduces a swing inspired rhythmic structure, giving the song a youthful feel. Jazzy chords are featured with a splash of grime that gives the melody an edgy vibe. Gasser further provides an aural relaxer with a delicate piano procession in the interlude. The official release of ‘Wildfire’ is set for September 22nd. Rob Gasser is Cloudhead record’s first artist, a label recently created by the producer, singer, and songwriter extraordinaire, Fox Stevenson. To hear more of Rob Gasser’s sound check out his SoundCloud!

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Foster The People – Coming Of Age (Firebeatz Remix)

Listen here: Foster The People – Coming Of Age (Firebeatz Remix)

Firebeatz have had a busy year with plenty of huge releases and they wanted to thank all of the fans for the continued support by giving away their remix of Foster the People’s ‘Coming of Age’ for FREE. They took the indie rockers song and turned it into a huge progressive house track. Definitely a song that you’ll want to put on repeat, and since the track is FREE, you can download it and do just that. Enjoy!

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Dabin – Bloodless LP (Preview Mix)


Dabin is one of few artists who never fail to surprise or impress me and this holds very true for this upcoming LP from him.

Below is a preview mix Dabin has put up for the LP featuring the four originals and four remixes from it. These previews are only short glimpses into the masterpieces contained on this LP, and trust me when I say there are plenty of surprises that aren’t shown here. The best way I can think to describe this preview is a mixture of beauty of madness; there is a lot of love and heart put into each of the songs, but they also pack a massive punch that is sure to satisfy anyone who knows Dabin and his style.

September 30th can’t come soon enough for this writer and if you’re a fan of quality music you won’t wanna miss out on this.

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Source: Dabin – Bloodless LP (Preview Mix)

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Insomniac Announces Its EDC Orlando Lineup Plus Our Top 5 Must See Sets

EDC Orlando is back for it’s 4th year! Tinker Field has seem some amazing acts in the past but this year’s lineup is packed with must see acts. While you may notice some big names jumping off the page immediately, we have the top 5 must see sets for the November festival. Take a look at the whole lineup below and come dance with us down in the sunshine state!

Must See Acts:

1. Ookay b2b Kennedy Jones
The east coast has been craving for a set like this and what better way than to do it at EDCO. These are some of the TSS Fam’s favorite acts packed into one amazing set.

2. Antiserum vs Mayhem
Again another b2b set you can’t miss. Filled with bass and hard music all around, these guys are not going to disappoint.

3. Alesia
The OWSLA dogs are taking over and one of the label’s most promising superstars will be down in Orlando to put on a mind blowing set.

4. Noisia
These guys need no introduction. If you’re looking for a quality DnB set, look no further. See you at the basspod!

5. Dillon Francis
This may seem like a no brainier but this set will be just after his debut album release so we are expecting something a little extra special from Dad.

This year’s lineup includes:

Above & Beyond
Aly & Fila
Amine Edge & Dance
Andrew Rayel
Antiserum vs Mayhem
Artic Moon
Bassrush Experience
Cedric Gervais
Claude VonStroke
Cosmic Gate
Dash Berlin
David Steven
Dillon Francis
Emma Hewitt
Green Velvet
Harvard Bass
Henry Fong
Indecent Noise
Knife Party
Manufactured Superstars
Max Vangeli
Must Die!
Myon & Shane 54
Oliver Heldens
Ookay b2b Kennedy Jones
Orjan Nilsen
Paper Diamond
Planet of the Drums
Rebecca & Fiona
Route 94
Sander van Doorn
SBCR Dj Set (The Bloody Beetroots)
Steve Angello
Steve Aoki
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
Thomas Gold
Ummet Ozcan
Yellow Claw

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! And stay tuned for all the EDCO updates here on TSS.

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Baggi Begovic – Baggage Claim 054 – 15-09-2014


Baggi Begovic – Baggage Claim 054 – 15-09-2014

Download: Uploaded, Xerver | Unlimited Download: Buy Premium

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SILVA – January (Marbeya Sound Loud Mix) [Exclusive Premiere]

Listen here: SILVA – January (Marbeya Sound Loud Mix) [Exclusive Premiere]

Here’s a deep, chill remix of SILVA’s track January for your listening pleasure. SILVA has recently reached the milestone of 100 likes on Facebook, so we are premiering this remix to congratulate him, and also shed some light on Mexico’s Marbeya Sound, self-described as “a pair of sonic junkies infatuated with space and water.” Sounds interesting enough, right?!  This futuristic house track fits right in with that description and could easily make the soundtrack to any end-of-summer party. You can check out Marbeya’s SoundCloud here, and SILVA’s Facebook here, so head on over and click those like buttons to show them some support.  SILVA’s album Ocean View will be available on 9/23 via Six Degrees Records.

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Coldplay- In My Place (Artec Remix)

Listen here: Coldplay- In My Place (Artec Remix)

If you haven’t tuned into Artec yet, you’re doing something wrong. He is a white knight in the constant stream of formula-following electro, and every time he touches a track (especially a Coldplay song) it turns into something magnificent. The Miami young blood is on a mission to make something familiar feel brand new, and if possible strike deeper into your heart and mind then it ever did before. Be sure to share this remix with your friends, kickback, and enjoy. Oh and did I mention the price you’ll find all of his wonderful music at? Free.

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Tritonal Releases Breathtaking Track ‘Seraphic’ With Mr FijiWiji

Tritonal Releases Breathtaking Track

Tritonal vs. Mr FijiWiji – Seraphic

The American duo Tritonal are back with their third and final chapter of their hugely successful Metamorphic EP series, which also marks the landmark 200th release on the label, Enhanced Recordings. Metamorphic III EP includes ‘the tracks “Satellite’” featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn, ‘”Anchor’,” and the powerful down-tempo collaboration ‘Seraphic featuring Mr Fijiwiji. The EP really shines with the versatile track, “Seraphic”,” as it is the darkest track from the whole Metamorphic series and an absolute must hear. The track offers a beautiful contrast to the rest of the EP, not to mention is an all around breathtaking stand alone track. The piano melody introduction accompanied by heavy underlying bass and phantom-like female vocals really sets the tone for the rest of the song, as it is equally inviting and haunting.  The drop comes in subtly but packs a punch as it contrasts beautiful, airy tones with heart pounding bass and disjointed dubstep textures. Tritonal successfully performs a highly impressive balancing act between heavy, daunting sounds and gentle transcendence, making “Seraphic” a true piece of art, as it masterfully transports listeners into an emotionally bass driven dreamworld of sound, strings, piano, and vocals.

Give “Seraphic” a listen below and don’t forget to check out the rest of Metamorphic III EP here

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2 For Tuesday: SCRVP Is On a Trap Attack with his “Spin It Back” VIP with DOCO and “How We Party” Remix

I usually don’t get too heavy (musically), but this remix had me feeling some type of way in my car today. If it can bang in a car, then why not play it loud for all to hear?

Sometimes there comes a point at a “party” to switch things up and get extremely heavy. Imagine you’re at some weird house party. Whatever person is in control of the music has probably been playing a bunch of hip hop, radio hits, and user friendly EDM. But you can grab the aux cord and throw on this monster and get the speakers smoking. SCRVP and WiZDM have given us some arm-flailing and foot stomping trap that shouldn’t be squandered. There’s also some hardstyle in there.

R3hab & VINAI – How We Party (SCRVP X WiZDM Remix) | Download |

DOCO & Janipier – Spin It Back (DOCO & SCRVP VIP Remix) | Beatport |

“Follow” SCRVP: | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud |

“Follow” WIZDM: | SoundCloud |

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SFX CEO Robert Sillerman’s Global Lifestyle is Up for Grabs

The Richest Man in EDM's Global Lifestyle is Up for Grabs

Robert Sillerman is arguably one of EDM’s most powerful players. Having spearheaded the expansion of SFX, the event company who’s responsible for the recent acquisitions of companies such as Beatport and ID&T, it is safe to safe that Sillerman’s life is pretty chaotic and his pockets are pretty deep.

But now in a huge move to take “a step towards simplifying [his family's] lives,” Sillerman has put six of his multi-million dollar mansions up for sale. These estates will run anywhere between $21 million dollars for a a set of island villas in Antigua, all the way up to $39 million for his eight bedroom mansion located in the Hamptons. Another option would be to purchase all six properties in one go, which will amount to almost $107 million, which would get you ‘a global lifestyle in one fell swoop,” according to an estate agent in charge of Sillerman’s property. It’s interesting to note that SFX hasn’t necessarily been doing all that well, with the stock price steadily dropping ever lower over the past year. Food for thought.

Below are a handful of images of the properties in question, courtesy of WSJ. Take a look through, and tell us what you would do to live this kind of lifestyle.

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Giveaway: Pendulum (DJ Set) & Mayhem At Exchange LA, 9/18

pendulum at exchange

This Thursday in Los Angeles, Exchange is hosting Bassrush as they bring Pendulum & Mayhem to bring the filth. If you’ve never seen Pendulum before, you’re missing out. Likewise, Mayhem is not just the trap god that you’ve come to know and love — he’s got a seriously dark DnB background that is sure to rear its head at this huge bass showing.

Your EDM is giving away two tickets to the event. Enter below for your chance to win.

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3lau – How You Love Me Ft. Bright Lights (James Egbert Remix) [Free Download]

James Egbert

Yet another amazing remix from James Egbert has hit the world. “How You Love Me” has had its fair share of remixes, but James edit of the 3lau original is one of the best. His acid electro heater is just what I need to keep me going in the beginning of the school year. Will it be played out for the rest of the year? Probably. I don’t doubt that you will hear this dropped next year at some festivals, because it’s just a whopping remix of an iconic original. Is acid all you get though? No, because James enters in a section of some juicy goodness that you’ll have to just wait to hear. One of the best parts about this, is it is free. Download, share, enjoy.

Free Download

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Don’t Go Slow (Zeni Remix)

Listen here: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Don’t Go Slow (Zeni Remix)

With Fall right around the corner, feel good songs seem to go along perfect with the changing of the colors and the warm sunsets. That’s the touch that Temecula native Zeni seemed to go for with this remix of the very meaningful Benjamin Francis Leftwich track ‘Don’t Go Slow’. The remix gives a Tropical feel with the addition of soft drums, sharp guitar chords, and pan flutes in the background. The vocals of Benjamin Francis Leftwich are slightly sped up, but are otherwise left untouched.

Pick up the free download of ‘Don’t Go Slow’ (Zeni Remix) today from Zeni’s Facebook Page.

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Wolfgang Gartner Speaks on Creating New Album and Music of the Future

Rumors flew around the internet a few days ago regarding Wolfgang’s social media images suddenly fading to black. While many people shot around the rumor that it meant Wolfgang Gartner was retiring, it seems that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Earlier today, the dance music don took to Facebook to express not only his thoughts on the current festival circuit, but also how he plans to approach the producing of his upcoming album.

He starts by saying that he unknowingly started writing his album in July of 2013. This is also the summer that saw the influx of big kicks, snare-roll crescendos, and blaring rave synths that make of the cookie-cutter formula that has given dance music so much flack. As both upcoming artists and established DJs conformed to a formula that was guaranteed to turn a profit, creativity and originality had to move aside as the money machine cashed in.

Wolfgang goes on to say that this dance music climate of soulless bangers made him adopt a ‘F**k it’ mentality in his approach to making the album. The issue that he expressed was that music takes a very long time to be released, sometimes over half a decade. So if you are making music that is ‘here-and-now’, by the time it actually gets released it is actually very behind the times. That is why he seeks to inject his inspirations from the music of his childhood, the funk filled records that started his sample collection, as a way to bring the soul back into his album.

He states that the process was frightening and liberating at the same time. The most important line of the article can be boiled down to: “I’ve tried to make Electronic Dance Music that focuses on the Dance part and disregards the means of getting there.”

Check out the piece in its entirety here, and watch the video below to see just how much soul Wolfgang has infected into his latest productions.

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