Chuckie, Kronic & Krunk! – Vamonos

Listen here: Chuckie, Kronic & Krunk! – Vamonos

Legendary DJ/producer and the king of Dirty Dutch, Chuckie, has been at the forefront of dance music since the release of his game-changing debut single, “Let the Bass Kick.” Having achieved such unparalleled success, Chuckie recently announced the relaunch of his label, Dirty Dutch Music. Promising multiple new productions, as well as a cutting edge fan sourced streaming platform, Chuckie has once again reclaimed a spot in our hearts as he releases the first of these highly anticipated releases in a collaborative effort with up and coming talents, Kronik and Krunk!. Titled ‘Vamonos,’ they subtly combine Dirty Dutch and Melbourne Bounce to give us another surefire club banger! Out October 31st, ‘Vamonos’ is a perfect start to Chuckie’s much anticipated new platform. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Shakedown The Buzz: An Exclusive Interview With New World Sound

Listen here: Shakedown The Buzz: An Exclusive Interview With New World Sound

The Australian duo of Tyrone James and Jesse Taylor, AKA New World Sound, have been making music since 2011.  Having been trained in classical music, Jesse and Tyrone used their roots in music as they found electronic dance music as it was becoming big in Australia.

“We played classical music because of our parents.  They thought we should be involved in it and then we got into Electronic Music. It started out as a hobby. We used to have to use cassette players and have to “old school DJ.” 

New World Sound 47 600x399 Shakedown The Buzz: An Exclusive Interview With New World Sound

While Jesse learned the piano and trumpet, Tyrone learned the piano and saxophone. Their knowledge of music theory gave them an upper hand in creating music as it allowed them to think of new sounds and directions to go in, and made the process easier for the duo.

You’re forced to study music theory, which at the time seems kind of annoying, but when you’re making music, you subconsciously go back to that and it does make it quicker, so if you didn’t have that knowledge, it would take a lot longer. I can’t right off the bat say how much it’s helped make music, but it definitely has made the process a lot faster.”

With such an extensive background in music, Jesse and Tyrone drew from it in order to come up with their own sound and mix different genres of music so that they don’t classify themselves as one thing.  They are constantly pushing the boundaries of their own imagination as they continue working on their music.

“We don’t limit ourselves to one sound, but we love bounce. “Flute” started out as a trap, electro blend. It was a random style and you’ll hear more as we release more of our tracks, but whatever we’re vibing on, you’ll hear more of that.”

Tyrone and Jesse have had tracks released on LE7ELS, Spinnin, and Atlantic, and with such creativity and passion for their music, it’s no surprise that they have had support from some of the biggest names in EDM, including Tiesto, Nicky Romero, and Hardwell just to name a few.

“It’s an awesome feeling. Obviously it’s cool when you make tracks that you like, but when other people like it, it’s an amazing feeling. Even though we’ve had more support, having “Peak” played on Clublife was amazing. It made things feel real. At first this was a hobby, so that really made us feel like this was the right choice.”

New World Sound 103 600x399 Shakedown The Buzz: An Exclusive Interview With New World Sound

Jesse and Tyrone both left school in order to dedicate more time to their music. Tyrone left a degree in Sustainable Development and Jesse left a degree in Software Engineering and Commerce. They decided to follow their true passion and whether it’s a collaboration or original music, Jesse and Tyrone are constantly hard at work creating their next track.

“A lot of them are with the bounce guys at the moment. We haven’t named them, but if you check around the blogs and sites like that, you can check out who people are naming. We’ve got a couple of more bounce tunes, and we’re also working on a vocal tune that’s not something people would expect, so we’re excited to sort of see how people are going to react. It should be out in about 3-6 months.”

Jesse and Tyrone know that without their fans, none of this would be possible. They remain very down to Earth and love to talk and interact with the crowd. The love that they have for their fans is undeniable and it’s one of the greatest things about what they do.

“We’re just trying to make good music and if people are vibing on it and froth it, that’s all we can ask for. As far as success, if people like the music, then that’s a plus. It’s amazing and we see it at all of our shows. We love to take photos and talk to the fans and party with them. They’re awesome. They’re the same as us usually, vibing on the same tunes, just having a good time. Thank you all for supporting us and we really appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to come up and say hi. We’re always happy to talk to you guys and party with you guys!”

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Feed Me & Kill The Noise’s Collaboration And Video To Be Featured On Adult Swim

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Feed Me & Kill The Noise - Far Away - Your EDM

The best bro-mance in the industry has rekindled their fire to bring you an awesome single titled “Far Away”. If you haven’t guessed by now based on the title alone, the bro-mance I am referring to is none other than Kill The Noise & Feed Me. It seems as though every time these super producers find the time to allot solely for the purpose of writing music, something magical is born. That was the case with “Thumbs Up” and is definitely the same for “Far Away”.

Now what is really cool about this particular collaboration alongside the absolutely breathe taking journey this track takes you on in terms of genre transformation and vocals; is the story behind it that was published by Jake from Kill The Noise on Facebook.

I won’t go into great depth on what was said as I’ll leave it all in context and let you do the reading; but it’s awesome to hear about what goes into productions and the trial and tribulations artists face when trying to conquer their next piece. In short, “Far Away” has been in the cooker for 18 months but was set aside as both of these artists had huge summers and could not dedicate the required time to fulfill its production value needs. It may seems lame but once you listen, you’ll understand. “Far Away” was not completed during a late night miracle mile studio producing session, the track features a choir consisting of elementary level students, and you can anticipation the troubles with trying to organize a group of kids at that age for an extended period of time.

None the less, their is a video to accompany the song that is based off of the children’s artwork at the very same school that was used for the choir section. There is no information as to when or what the video will entail but I did read that it was to be featured in accordance with Adult Swim, that may be exciting!

With a powerful harmony composed by a young choir of kiddos and uplifting synth progression, “Far Away” keeps my foot-a-tappin’ and head bobbin’ but sure does take a trippy transformation in the break down. Have a listen and read the full story on the production of “Far Away” below.

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here’s just some thoughts and history behind the song. totally off the top of my head

Feed Me and I have been making music together for close to a decade. We’ve written under various different names and labels and we probably always will.

Most of our collaborations happen in our off time while traveling internationally. He’s based in the UK and I’m in Los Angeles. Sometimes we’ll set aside a week while he’s in the states, or vice versa while I’m in the UK to lock ourselves in and write a song.

Far Away was an idea we started about 18 months ago at Feed Me’s studio. We both really wanted to try to do something together that was melodic and had some kind of unique vocal. When we work together we try to do something that people might not anticipate from a Feed Me x KTN collab. Since we’ve done so many now it’s getting harder and harder to come up with ideas that aren’t obvious, we love the challenge of that though!

So somewhere along that line of thinking is where we came up with the idea of doing a full on children’s school choir for the vocal.

We wrote the last few lyrics to the song literally on the ride to the school which was just outside of london first thing in the morning. Something meaningful, something simple, something open for interpretation, but most importantly something appropriate for children to sing! Which is more challenging than you might think!

we turned up, met the headmaster of the small schoolhouse, set up our recording equipment and jumped right to the school gymnasium full of 8 year old children, terrifying! It was particularly nerve wracking to me, because i was the only guy with an american accent. Every time i spoke about 60 little faces turned to me inquisitively like “this guy talks kinda funny, I’m not so sure about him”,

The choir / music instructor helped us as we nervously ran through the song a couple times. It turned out to be much easier than we could’ve imagined though. We managed to get most of what we needed in the first couple go arounds which left us with time to play around and get additional group vocals on the spot.

We learned some obvious things like how to work and speak with a large group of children, but also less obvious things like dealing with the reverb in the room by moving the mics closer to the louder singers in the group. There were no harmonies so the entire group was singing in unison, we had to work around kids singing slightly out of key a problem we didn’t anticipate and had to remedy on the spot. We moved some of the stronger voices that were singing on key closer to the mics. A simple solution and the results were better than we could’ve hoped for!

The song sat for a while half completed. We were both in the midst of heavy touring and individual album work. A couple of months ago we picked it back up, finished the song and decided that it definitely needed a video.

We brainstormed for a bit and thought it would be great to get the kids involved once again in the process. We contacted the school again and asked if we could have some drawings of the Feed Me and Kill The Noise characters created and the school was happy to make it an end of the year art project for them. Once we had the art, we came up with a basic concept for the video, based on the drawings, and found our first choice for the director / animator.

Luckily when we pitched the idea to Augenblick studios they were excited about it and a month later we had our video.

I think for the both of us this has been one of the most rewarding, challenging and interesting journeys our passion for art and music has lead us. There has been many points throughout the process where I’ve stopped and thought to myself, “this is what its all about”.


-Chris W-

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Source: Feed Me & Kill The Noise’s Collaboration And Video To Be Featured On Adult Swim

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Diplo Wants To See Your Remixes!

Listen here: Diplo Wants To See Your Remixes!

In case you didn’t notice, Diplo uploaded a track called ‘Everyday’ onto his Soundcloud last week with a caption saying “rap on this.” The whole idea behind this was to see what producers would be able to turn this track into, showcasing their creativity and what they can do.  This week, he’s at it again, asking producers to remix some of his classic tracks, which he uploaded as “acapellas.” He’s uploaded ‘Revolution,’ ‘Biggie Bounce,’ Express Yourself,’ and ‘6th Gear’ and challenges producers to ‘do something cool with it.’ The tracks are all available on Diplo’s Soundcloud. Check them out below and let’s see what you’re able to come up with!


diplo 600x337 Diplo Wants To See Your Remixes!

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M.I.K.E. – Club Elite Sessions 380 – 24-10-2014


M.I.K.E. – Club Elite Sessions 380 – 24-10-2014

Download: Uploaded, Xerver, Oboom | Unlimited Download: Buy Premium

Track List:

01.Paul Oakenfold feat. Angela McCluskey – You Could Be Happy (Shadow Of Two Remix) [ENHANCED]
02.Breame & Jack Vath – Arancin [MONSTER PURE]

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John Digweed – Transitions 530 (Guest Darius Syrossian) – 24-10-2014

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John Digweed – Transitions 530 (Guest Darius Syrossian) – 24-10-2014

Download: Uploaded, Xerve, Oboom, ZippyShare | Unlimited Download: Buy Premium

Track List:

John Digweed:
01 Guy J – Candyland [Bedrock]
02 Grum – Autumn (Petar Dundov Remix)

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Markus Schulz – Global DJ Broadcast (Mark Sixma Guestmix) – 23.10.2014

Markus Schulz – Global DJ Broadcast (Mark Sixma Guestmix) – 23.10.2014
EDMTunes | Free downloads!


Markus Schulz
01. Markus Schulz – Seven Sins (Transmission 2014 Theme)
02. Marcus White featuring Yana Chernysheva – New Order
03. Stream Noize – Libertas
04. Fabio XB featuring Adina Butar – Stay
05. New World Punx – Torque
06. CBM & Ruari – The Werks
07. Martin Garrix & MOTi – Virus (How About Now)
08. Andromedha – Generic Nation
09. Mason – Exceeder (UMEK & Mike Vale Remix)
10. Tommy Trash & Wax Motif – HEX
11. Markus Schulz & Klauss Goulart featuring Paul Aiden – Fireworks (Coldharbour Deep Mix)
12. Armin Van Buuren – Hystereo (KhoMha Remix) [Global Selection]
13. Markus Schulz – Digital Madness [Classic of the Week]

Mark Sixma
01. Cosmic Gate featuring Eric Lumiere – Falling Back (Mark Sixma Remix)
02. Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox – Touch Me (Beat Service Remix)
03. Mark Sixma – Shadow (W&W Edit)
04. Andrew Rayel featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn – One in a Million (Paris Blohm Remix)
05. Faruk Sabanci – Ruya
06. Armin van Buuren – Save My Night (Mark Sixma Remix)
07. Mark Sixma – Adagio for Strings
08. Dan Thompson – Chronicle

Back with Markus Schulz
14. Gai Barone – Kajal
15. FloE – Hysteresis
16. Joseph Fischer – Nocturne
17. Max Roven – ID
18. Roger Shah & Sied van Riel featuring Jennifer Rene – Without You (Ron Alperin Remix)
19. Solis & Sean Truby – Scorch (Skytech Treatment)

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Steve Aoki – Aokis House 141 – 23.10.2014

Steve Aoki – Aokis House 141 – 23.10.2014
EDMTunes | Free downloads!

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Super8 & Tab – Supertab Radio 068 – 22.10.2014

Super8 & Tab – Supertab Radio 068 – 22.10.2014
EDMTunes | Free downloads!


01. Super8 & Tab – Memory Lane (Album mix)
02. DedRekoning ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Only Child (Roddy Reynaert Remix)
03. Steve Haines, Max Freegrant – Eclipse (Original Mix)
04. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – Let Go (Extended Mix)
05. Super8 & Tab with 7Skies – Rubicon (Extended Mix)
06. Thomas Mengel – The Challenger (Original Mix)
07. ilan Bluestone – Snap Dragon (Original Mix)
08. Breame – Reject (Genix Remix)
09. Jebu – Tension (Original Mix)
10. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – No Frontiers (Jerome Ismae-Ae Remix)
11. Paul Oakenfold, Cassandra Fox – Touch Me (Mike Koglin 2.0 Remix)
12. Jaytech – Ticon (Original Mix)
14. Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – We’re All We Need (Extended Mix)

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Max Graham – Cycles Radio 178 – 21.10.2014

Max Graham – Cycles Radio 178 – 21.10.2014
EDMTunes | Free downloads!


01. Shingo Nakamura – The Four [Silk Royal]
02. Davi – The Bay 6 (Pt 2) [Anjunadeep]
03. Sonic Future – Remember [Suara]
04. Metodi Hristov – Earth (Coyu) [Suara]
05. Solid Stone – Remember Me [Colourize]
06. John Digweed and Nick Muir vs Jamie Steves – Prism [Bedrock]
07. ID
08. Soundprank – Squared [Enhanced]
09. Uto Karem – Sketches of Life (Hollen) [Agile]
10. Paul Thomas – Slo Bibble [Ultraviolet]
11. Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink – Launch (Tomy DeClerque) [Yellow]
12. Matt Minimal – Fatal Bass [Perfekt Groove]
13. Cristian Varela – Ganglio (Gabriel D’or & Bordoy) [Selected]
14. Axel Karakasis – Construction Tool [Remain]
15. Drumcomplex – The Box (Alex Di Stefano) [Baptism]
16. Raul Mezcolanza – Look My Face (Gabriel D’or, Bordoy) [Selected]
17. Balthazar & JackRock – Unleash The Beast (Norma) [Perfection Records]
18. Axel Karakasis – Harm [Remain]
19. Kardinal, Lowkey – Mad Men [Patterns]
20. Tom Hades – Oh Yeah (Sasha Carassi) [DECIDE]
21. Guy Mantzur & Guy J – All In [Sudbeat]
22. Ruben De Ronde – They Are Not You (Gai Barone) [Statement]
23. ID
24. Dallonte – Nocturne (Andrew Benson) [Incepto Music]
25. Crystal Design – Scarface [Armada]
26. James Zabiela – The Healing (Matt Lange Secret Booty) [Bootleg]
27. Trilucid & Philthy Chit – Syntax (Gai Barone) [Saturate]

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All New Bassnectar Original “THURSTY” Released

It’s about that time of the week again while on NVSB Tour!

What. Is. Going. On.

So far on this weekly nectar-dosage that Bassnectar is going on while on his Noise vs. Beauty Tour, we’ve gotten remixes, and new collaborations such as LOCOJA as Bassnectar & Jantsen. But no new original tracks yet. Bassnectar did state that there would be all new material from him. Therefore, we knew it was coming but we just didn’t know when it would be staggered into our faces.

This week’s release marks the first original. A collaboration between Bassnectar and up-and-coming aspiring producer, Craz, who apparently was worthy enough for Lorin.

Bassnectar says, to Rolling Stone, “A lot of fans send me music, either tipping me off to songs they want me to remix, asking for production tips or to see if I want to collaborate”. Go figure right? Lorin then goes on to say, “An up-and-coming producer named Craz sent over a bunch of tracks, and one of them caught my ear immediately. It had ‘that thing’ going on in it, made me feel absolutely bonkers”.

Funny because literally before I started writing this article, I played the track aloud to a few people and all I could say was exactly what Bassnectar just said, “straight bonkers”.

The living-legend always is striving for perfection in his sound, making it as crisp as he possible can and with Thursty I don’t think it could ever be anymore perfect. Except maybe some live trapped-out VIP edit from Bassnectar. This is one hard-hitting, dubbed out, track that starts off clearly hip-hop infused then there is a switch-up of ALL switch-ups, into some classic old whirlwind Nectar dub sound.

Bassnectar & Craz – “Thursty” |

“Follow” BASSNECTAR: | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud |

Sources: Rolling Stone

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Rob Swire Teases New Knife Party Single

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Knife Party (Red & Black)

What Knife Party release would be complete without the obligatory unnanounced SoundCloud teaser by Rob Swire? The duo’s debut album Abandon Ship is due in just over a month, but now we’re getting a taste of yet another track, following the three lead singles “Resistance”, “Begin Again”, and “Boss Mode”.

“404” is as the title describes — an play on technological errors and sounds. A long build leads into a hard-hitting, rhythmic electro drop in typical KP fashion, but fades out before we get a full taste of the track.

Check out the teaser below, and be sure to pre-order “Abandon Ship” on iTunes:

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Source: Rob Swire Teases New Knife Party Single

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Over a Dozen Minors Hospitalized During Skrillex’ Navy Pier Show

Unfortunately, rampant drug use and hospitalized fans continue to flood headlines surrounding electronic music shows. Last Saturday, 16 of the 10,000 attendees at Skrillex’ Navy Pier show in Chicago were hospitalized due to drug and alcohol consumption, a pier spokesperson confirmed Wednesday. The majority of these hospitalization came from drug overdoses.

Andrew Bazos, a physician and President of CrowdRX, the organization that oversees medical safety for SFX, the promoter of the Skrillex show, said that his firm always has an emergency medical doctor in the venue.

“The policy in Chicago has been to take anyone who presents to the hospital,” Bazos said. “We’re there for people who haven’t been smart, and safety is number one.”

Bazos proceeded to agree that higher age restrictions need to be enforced at these shows.

“It has brought a young, crazier demo,” he said, “but also immature.”

These stories seem terrifying to the public eye, however, increasing awareness of these types of events will cause concert attendees to proceed with caution and be more careful of how they act while in attendance.

“We’re very strict at the doors so that people don’t bring bad things in,” he said. “I personally think that the more that word gets out there, the better.”

Source: NBC Chicago

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Ferry Corsten – Corsten’s Countdown 382 – 22.10.2014

Ferry Corsten – Corsten’s Countdown 382 – 22.10.2014


01. Landis & Crespo – Thing Called Love
02. Tommy Trash & Wax Motif – HEX
03. Black Morphs & Elexem – You & I
04. Alex Blest pres. Soundbreeze – Mechanical (Funabashi Remix)
05. Triston & Dave-PL – Rampage
06. Genix – Lux (Original Mix)
07. Mekka – Diamondback (Origina Mix)
[Listener’s Choice]

Top 3 Of CC381
3. Eric Prydz pres. Cirez D – Ruby
2. Dimension – Centinela
1. Ferry Corsten – Pogo

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FOMO Halloween Edition: 50 International Events in EDM

Listen here: FOMO Halloween Edition: 50 International Events in EDM

14 600x313 FOMO Halloween Edition: 50 International Events in EDM

Halloween has become one of the most important day in the dance music scene. 2014 marks only the 4th time in the last 16 years in which the holiday lands on a Friday or Saturday. To help prevent your fear of missing out, we have provided a list of the World’s 50 biggest dance music events on celebrating Halloween and on Halloween weekend. Let us know which party you’ll be at, and what costume you’ll be wearing in the comments below!

Dubai, UAE
10/31. Link
*Martin Garrix

Las Vegas, NV
10/30. Link
*Calvin Harris

Las Vegas, NV
10/31. Link

Hollywood, CA
Halloween Carnaval
10/31. Link

Las Vegas, NV
Haze at Aria
11/1. Link
*Carl Cox

Las Vegas, NV
11/1. Link

Chicago, IL
Freaky Deaky
10/31 & 11/1. Link
*Flux Pavilion & Nervo

Las Vegas, NV
11/1. Link

Las Vegas, NV
11/1. Link

New York, NY
Pier of Fear
11/1. Link
*Nicky Romero

New York, NY
Pier of Fear
10/31. Link
*Adventure Club

San Francisco, CA
Craneway Pavilion
10/31. Link

New Orleans, LA
Voodoo Experience
10/31 & 11/1. Link

Salt Lake City, UT
The Great Saltair
11/1. Link
*Steve Aoki

Los Angeles, CA
Halloween Masquerade
10/30. Link
*Steve Aoki & Afrojack

Las Vegas, NV
Insane Asylum
10/31. Link
*Dash Berlin

San Francisco, CA
10/31. Link

Wuppertal, Germany
Apollo 21
10/31. Link

Lowell, MA
Wicked Halloween
10/30. Link
*Above & Beyond

Ottowa, CA
10/30. Link

San Juan, PR
Bacardi Triangle
10/31 & 11/1. Link
*Calvin Harris

Las Vegas, NV
10/31. Link

Las Vegas, NV
11/1. Link

San Jose, CA
Jack Yo Lantern
10/31 & 11/1. Link
*New World Punx

Denver, CO
10/31. Link
*Above & Beyond

Edmonton, AB
11/31. Link

Salt Lake City, UT
Get Freaky Party Bus
10/31 & 11/1. Link
*Steve Aoki & Krewella

Las Vegas, NV
Surrender Nightclub
10/31. Link

Montreal, CA
Weekend Halloween
11/1. Link
*Fedde Le Grand

Charlotte, NC
The Fillmore
10/31. Link

Denver, Colorado
10/31. Link
*Infected Mushroom

Calgary, AB
Cemetery of Sound
10/31. Link
*Laidback Luke

Amsterdam, NL
Worlds Tour
10/31. Link
*Porter Robinson

Atlanta, GA
Opera Nightclub
10/31. Link

Washington, DC
10/31. Link
*Bingo Players

Miramar, PR
Yellow Halloween
10/31. Link
*The Chainsmokers

Los Angeles, CA
Escape: All Hallows’ Eve
10/31 & 11/1. Link
*Tiesto & Armin van Buuren

Los Angeles, CA
Hard Day of the Dead
11/1 & 11/2. Link
*Eric Prydz B2B deadmau5

Columbus, OH
Haunted Fest
10/31. Link
*Zeds Dead

Chicago, IL
I Am Hardwell
10/31. Link

New York, NY
Boo! Halloween Massive
10/31. Link
*Knife Party

Providence, RI
3DM Music Festival
11/1. Link
*Carnage & Datsik

Seattle, WA
Freak Night
10/31. Link
*Kaskade & Tiesto

Baltimore, MD
Nightmare Festival.
10/31, 11/1, 11/2. Link
*Figure & BT

Houston, TX
Something Wicked
10/25 & 10/26. Link
*Bassnectar & Kaskade

London, UK
Drumcode Halloween
11/1. Link
*Joris Voorn

Miami, FL
Cocoon Miami
10/31. Link
*Sven Vath

Toronto, CA
I Am Hardwell
11/1. Link

Pardubice, Czech Republic
Cez Arena
10/31. Link
*Armin Van Buuren

Vosendorf, Austria
10/31. Link
*Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

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[TSS Artist Spotlight] Eliot Lipp Talks Album, Keepin’ It Crew Tour & Flosstradamus

Derek Vincent Smith aka Pretty Lights has reached the level he is at today through long hard-work, many musical talents, and pure love for sound. Through his successes he’s been able to create his own label, Pretty Lights Music, and add his own prodigies who have taken after that same PL-esque soul sound. In the building of PLM, Pretty Lights has signed Michal Menert, Supervision, Eliot Lipp, Paul Basic, Break Science, and even helped bring up Gramatik before creating his own record label, Lowtemp.

In case of the unfortunate scenario where you might have been out of the loop lately on the electro-soul/funk side of this lovely music scene, some shits been goin’ down. The PLM Keepin’ It Crew Tour consisted of everyone on the current PLM squad except Break Science (since they have been on their own tour with Manic Focus). So the team out on road for the 2-month long tour was Paul Basic, Eliot Lipp, Supervision and Michal Menert.

These shows that the PLM Crew played on tour were no ‘normal’ or traditional performances. There were no ‘solo sets’, one PLM signee wasn’t opening up for the next, it was a collaborative performance that took a deal of planning and rehearsing to put together.

When it became showtime, all four producers shared the stage as they started the night up, straight into some vibey melodies. The four of them would all play together, each artist in control of a breakdown of parts for whatever track on the set list.

PLM_Photos_Watermark Only-6Throughout the set the artists would swap on and off the stage, giving the particular solo artist his time for the spotlight to play some tracks of his own. But it wouldn’t be too long until someone else would come back out and accompany the other on stage as they performed their own parts of certain collaborative tracks with one another. Then before you know it, transition occurs once again and all four Paul Basic, Supervision, Eliot Lipp & Michal Menert are back to performing together. It was truly special and loved this way of performing.

No doubt, each played their own remixes from Pretty Lights’ Color Map of The Sun Remixes which was soo rad. Not only that, we got to hear many different released and unreleased collaborations between the group.

Highlights of the set:
– Michal Menert goin’ in on some freestyle raps that he tends to throw in his sets.
– Michal Menert and his heart-felt “Your Ghost” is always a high for me.
– All their respected Pretty Lights Remixes

– Eliot Lipp getting to play some track off his new album, Watch Your Shadows , including my personal favorite, “Future Forest”. Such funky guitar riffs.

– New unreleased Paul Basic & Michal Menert collab which threw down and got a little “trappy” with Paul’s drums.

– Gettin’ way down and glitchy with Supervision’s “Super Like Vision”.

Sure, it has it’s pros and cons. You don’t get to hear a plethora of one artist’s tunes, but this isn’t a regular tour. This is PLM. Together. Squad up. An effort to give something new and genuine to the loyal Pretty Lights Music fans.


TSS: Whats up Eliot how you doing? This is the last stop on the PLM Keepin’ It Crew Tour, how has all this been for you and the rest of the guys?

EL: Doing good man. Tour has been great! Really a great one.


TSS: For this Keepin’ It Crew Tour, all of you guys are playing together and sharing the stage for the show/set. How is that and what was the preparation for that like? </strong?

EL: – We all rehearsed together in Denver for like a week. We all kinda traded parts then rehearsed it for a few days before our first show in Lawrence. Having that week ahead of time to work on our bringing our set together and rehearsing & stuff was crucial.

TSS: What were some of your favorite spots on tour? I heard last night was sick in Austin, as well as the New Orleans show with Derek (Pretty Lights) being there and what not.

EL: Austin was sick. New Orleans was AWEsome cause Derek came up there, man.

TSS: I bet that was really cool to have him there with all you guys. Any others?

EL: New York, was probably my personal favorite though.

TSS: Really, why’s that?

EL: I just love New York city, I lived there for a long time and there was just really like good energy and a great crowd. We had a lot of fun afterwards too just wylin’ out running around Manhattan.

TSS: I’m sure you guys have gotten a good amount of time to work on new material on tour? How is it with everyone being present while that happens? Feeding off eachother and giving input on different things, and im positive many collaborations are the works?

EL: Yeah, well we have some monitors on the bus so we can work on tracks and we’ve been trading back-and-forth a lot so we do have a bunch of collaborations in the works. Atleats one of them I know will be released fairly soon

TSS: Hell yeah, we will definitely be on the look-out for those! So, you just released your brand new album Watch the Shadows, congrats on that! Tell us a little about it. How long was the process? And how does it differ from the rest of your work?

EL: Thank you. Well, the process was pretty much the same in how I make most of my stuff, you know? Like aside from the fact that I took a lot of the samples I took out and replayed them like live piano, live guitar, drums and vocalists. So that was a big change in process that was new to me, but it was fun. It gave me a little more control over the composition but it also gave it a little bit of a different sound that I usually have.

TSS: Yeah, I mean there’s tracks on there that have sounds that are totally different from most of the things we hear. The sound design is great. And it differs a lot from track to track, there’s a lot of diversity in there.

EL: For sure, thanks man.

TSS: When going up, where did you get your musical inspiration from?

EL: Mostly hip-hop. I got way into rap when I was in like 5th & 6th grade. So then I started playing piano and keyboards and stuff because I became interested in learning how to make beats. So yeah, that was definitely the first style I really got into when growing up.

TSS: When did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

EL: It just kinda happened for me, honestly. I never thought it was going to pay the bills, but once I started dedicating and sort of treating it like a full-time gig I started finding ways to make ends-meet by starting to do some shows and just putting out music. Once that started to go for me, I really had no other backup plan and I’ve just been moving forward ever since. So yeah, there was no real definitive moment where I was like ‘this is what I want to do with my life’.

TSS: Just kinda kept keeping at it and then it turned into something for you. That’s whats up. How would you describe your music or sound?

EL: I like saying electro-funk because it covers a wide enough base of genres to take from. It’s dance music, it’s electronic. I love the funk as the core, you know, but at the same time I still make a lot of hip-hop tracks and still make a lot of club tracks. But I think at its core I think funk is the one thing in all my songs that I strive to have a presence of.


TSS: Tell us a bit about your production style and recording.

EL: Yeah I used to be real analog heavy, using tape machines, analog synthsyzers and old-school gear. Like a lot of old vintage 70’s – early 80’s stuff, and I still use quite a bit of that stuff. But, recently I’ve been getting a lot more software based. I’ve been sampling a lot more so I’m kinda less on the keyboards, more on the sampling.

TSS: Right on, yeah I’ve noticed some of that.

EL: But it just shifts around, I do a lot of VSTs and plugins too so it’s a pretty wide variety of components that I’m using to produce the tracks.

TSS: Your live stage presence is one that is not necessarily easy to come by nowadays. You’re not just up there on a mixer like some artists perform. You’re doing a whole lot more than just that. What exactly is your set up on stage?

EL: Personally, I just get bored if I don’t have anything to do. Like I’ve tried to do sets with just a controller and no synthesizer or with just some triggers and a mixer, but if I don’t have enough going on for me, then I start getting real bored. Like I have to be doing some sort of a live remix of my track.

TSS: Absolutely. I love that.

EL: It’s also a way to feed off the crowd. If I jump into a track that I feel like is losing my energy with the crowd, I can remix a shorter version of the track on the fly and get into something else. My sets are real flexible to me, like I can switch around a lot of the tracks so even though I’m not DJing, technically, I’m playing all my own tracks but I still can shape the set based on what I think the crowd is feeling.

PLM_Photos_Watermark Only-1
TSS: How does PLM and the Colorado music scene differ from the rest of dance music?

EL: Well, obviously Pretty Lights had a huge effect on Colorado (and us) the last few years and now we are seeing a lot of producers coming up with style that’s like a reflection of his you know? So it’s created its own scene. I think PLM represents a lot of artists that have similar styles to Derek but we’re kinda covering different ground.But in the scene of it as a whole, in Denver and Colorado, I think its more of a scene of how much people have been inspired by Pretty Lights’ sound.

TSS: Most definitely! And, compared to the rest of the music scene?

EL: I think compared to the rest of the country – I don’t know, I think Denver is also a hub for electronic music too, you know? People come from over seas a lot of times and they’ll play in Denver even if they don’t really go anywhere else.

TSS: Right, very true.

EL: There’s a lot of artists that come through, especially electronic stuff. So yeah I don’t know, in a way I think it’s definitely a capital of electronic music

TSS: If you could have added another artist to this Keepin’ It Crew Tour, who would you have liked to be on the road with you guys? (besides Pretty Lights)

EL: Break Science. Right!? (leans to Paul Basic for approval). Get Deitch playing drums the whole set for like 3 hours.

TSS: Oh my gosh, for real. He’s beastly. So, What artists do you find yourself listening to nowadays? And is there anyone TSS should know about?

EL: I like Gladkill, I’m sure you guys already know bout that though. I’ve been listening to lots of him and ODESZA.

TSS: Oh yeah, big fan of ODESZA.

EL: Oh, the new Apex Twin is pretty dope too.

TSS: So I’ve heard you are good friends with Curt from Flosstradamus…how did that relationship come about?

EL: Yeah, yeah. Probably like 10 or 11 years ago I met him. I was playing a warehouse party in southside of Chicago, he was there and he was playing like booty-house. Real fast house with just like some DJ Assault and all this Detroit shit. I think he was still doing by Dj Autobot at that time but they didn’t have Flosstradamus yet. He was just a wiz. Every piece of gear he had he would read the whole manual back-to-front. He knew the MPC really well and I had one, so Curt would help me with all these tips on my MPC 2000. He was and still is just like the computer wiz. Whenever I go over to his house he’s got all these plugins I’ve never heard about and showing me how to do all this crazy shit. He’s definitely like the techy brains of Flosstradmus, whereas Josh is like the stylish marketing guy, you know?

TSS: For sure for sure, I see that.

EL: Yeah, but Curt actually mixed my Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake record.

TSS: Oh really?

EL: Yeah once I finished that off, I brought it over to Curt’s studio. We pulled it apart, ran it through his summon mixer he’s got and all his processors and shit. So yeah, me and Curt just have been friends ever since.

TSS: That’s awesome, yeah he’s one of the nicest dudes I’ve met so far like he’s super down to earth.

EL: Oh yeah man, he’s so down to earth.

TSS: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

EL: (laughs) Definitely a horse-sized duck cause you don’t know how vicious those duck-sized horses are going to be and 100 of them could really fuck you up.

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Pyramid Scheme’s Thematic Progressive Track “Microphones” Is Sicker than the Sickest Secret [Free Download]

It’s 2014 and I’m still a big sucker for progressive anthems, especially this one.

Pyramid Scheme racked up a picnic table filled every essential element you would need for your sequential progressive house anthem.

An impressive ear-warming original implementing clashing drum patterns, guitars, percussive shakers, a thumping energetic drop filled with violins, all topped off with the beautiful uplifting vocals courtesy of Jesse Cochran.

My initial reaction was “why isn’t this on label?” – this particular sound fits perfectly within the likes of Protocol, Oxygen, and Trice Recordings. Well, it turns out it’s been a back and forth waiting game between management and labels the past 6 months for this track, unfortunately.

Fortunately, artists are still able to thrive off of free music – so grab the label worthy “Microphones” original track below.

Pyramid Scheme (feat. Jesse Cochran) – Microphones | Download |

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The post Pyramid Scheme’s Thematic Progressive Track “Microphones” Is Sicker than the Sickest Secret [Free Download] appeared first on | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House & EDM Music Blog..

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